Young Kids Intensive Social Skills Group

Parent to Child is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary team of therapists focused on developing social and emotional communication skills through our intensive social program for young kids. Children ages 4 to 7 have a safe and therapeutically supported one and a half hour program designed to help them develop social success and confidence. Through Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Speech/Language Therapy, Dance/Movement Therapy, and Supported Creative Play, kids are encouraged to initiate and respond to their peers in adaptive ways.

Fun is at the heart of this intensive social skills program. We support the children’s natural affinities in creative play and expression while gently teaching and encouraging them towards success strategies for social engagement. We encourage eye contact, getting to know you questions, following-up with answering others, cooperative, shared play, body awareness and self-control. Each day includes structured social learning that is interwoven with creative art therapies and speech and language development.

Kids are in a small group environment with Master’s Level Therapists. We work with parents and schools to create relevant goals and to see generalization of skills.