Child-Centered Art Therapy

artsuppliesTherapy with children is centrally focused on their individual functioning within the context of their family. An assessment process precedes the therapy process and aids in fully understanding the child and the problem at hand, before setting goals and beginning to provide support for the parents in helping their child.

From there, child-focused therapy includes cognitive-behavioral problem solving each week, connecting with school personnel or other providers of care for the child and the creative, imaginative work of art and play therapy where children explore their full range of feelings and the resources within themselves that help them cope with stressors. Art and play therapy are natural avenues for children to communicate about their internal worlds and therefore, provide a natural outlet for exploring feelings and releasing blocks to healthy emotional functioning.

Art Therapy with Children addresses issues such as:
• Oppositional/Defiant disorder
• Depression and dysthymia
• Anxiety disorders
• Developmental delays
• Trauma
• Grief and Loss