Social Skills Groups: Our social skills groups are designed to help children with social cognitive deficits learn positive social engagement in a fun, safe, supportive environment. One hour once a week Clubhouse Kids Social Skills groups are ongoing throughout the year, and the program has “rolling admission”, which means that new children may enroll whenever space becomes available. These groups are offered for kids of all ages through the teenage years. We also currently offer an intensive Clubhouse Kids Social Skills program specifically for children ages four-seven.

NEW! Empowered Girls Group: This group supports positive coping, confidence, and self expression. Girls will participate in creative dance, art, discussion, and game play to focus on connecting with their bodies and their life passions. Support, self-confidence, navigating difficult feelings, and social relationships are all part of the focus in our small group environment.

NEW! Overcoming Anxiety with Calm is a group that addresses general concerns with anxiety and stress, teaching children how to understand the physical effects of stress, recognize the signs of anxiety, and learn to reduce these effects to create inner calm and self-control. Stress Management, positive coping, flexibility, and personal power are addressed through creative arts therapy, dance movement therapy, and music.