Clubhouse Kids Social Skills Groups

Michelle Garcia Winner’s I-LAUGH model* is at the heart of our Clubhouse Kids Social Skills curriculum coupled with Art Therapy and Creative Play.

Many kids benefit from participation in a social skills group including those who are shy or socially anxious, those with a diagnosed learning disability or developmental delay or kids who just seem to not be getting the unwritten rules of peer socialization. We create a small safe group of kids who will work well together to support one another in trying out new social behaviors, giving up awkward or unwanted accidental behaviors and sharing thoughts and feelings about what their real world experiences are like.

One hour once a week Clubhouse Kids Social Skills groups are ongoing throughout the year, and the program has “rolling admission”, which means that new children may enroll whenever space becomes available. These groups are offered for kids of all ages through the teenage years.

We also currently offer an intensive Clubhouse Kids Social Skills program specifically for children ages four-seven.

Children’s needs and level of functioning are carefully assessed prior to being admitted to any of our groups. Please contact us for more details and to discuss enrollment. Initial phone consultations are free.

What we offer:
• Small group learning
• Fun & developmentally appropriate activities to spark learning
• Safety & camaraderie
• Parent support
• Connections to school or other professionals
• Individual therapy or social coaching

Targeted Skills Include:
• Handling emotions/self-regulation
• Joining play & conversations
• Conversation techniques
• Conflict resolution/problem solving
• Flexibility
• Cooperation/team building

Our social skills program is in its seventh year providing social skills training and therapy services to children with Asperger’s Syndrome, PDD, learning disabilities, ADHD, and other social cognitive challenges. Many kids come into our program without any such “labels” as well, and we are able to gear the learning to each individual within the group. Our therapists are trained and experienced in the treatment of neurological disorders, and strive to impact the child’s whole world – across home, school and extracurricular environments.

*adapted from Michelle Garcia Winner and