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Art Therapy

Creative processes to support learning, development, emotional awareness and self-expression

For Children 


When the child is experiencing distress or challenging behaviors, they become the primary person in therapy. Our approach is to always include the critical contexts of family and school in our treatment. We engage in cognitive-behavioral learning and strategizing to support behavior change while allowing for the deeper work of therapy to unfold within the art therapy process.

We work with a large number of children who have autism spectrum disorders and learning differences to support communication, focus, attention and the full expression of feelings, ideas and needs. 



Children benefit from a small group environment that helps them develop social awareness, reciprocity and engagement in developmentally-expected ways. Children learn while having fun making art, playing games and rehearsing social skills. They are grouped by age and sensitively to their needs.

We also run special groups around managing anxiety and stress, grief and loss, family change and being the sibling of a special needs child.

For Parents and Adults


From a one-time consultation to ongoing support, we offer help for parents to talk about challenging issues, gain insight into their own parenting practices and needs and to consider how to structure or support their child’s environment and schooling when there is a special need. 


We develop short workshops to help parents consider a variety of parenting challenges. The importance of art and play in childhood, general development, parenting from the inside-out, encouraging empathy and social skills are some of the topics that we regularly offer. Workshops are periodically offered at our clinical space and can also be brought to a neighborhood or community center or school.


Our postpartum work ranges from assessment to long-term treatment for postpartum anxiety, depression and “baby blues.” We help to consider all of the factors that contribute to the stress of the postpartum period and create a collaborative treatment plan to keep everyone on track in this critical early phase of family life.


Our clinicians work individually with adults to treat anxiety, depression, relationship issues and adjustment to challenging life events. We develop a trusting relationship to engage in the deep work of self-discovery, change and insight. Art therapy can be used as a primary way of engaging in this process or as an adjunct to work with another clinical form or therapist. 


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