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Sunburst like rays that appear in the Spark Art therapy logo


Bringing creative arts
therapies to schools
and community centers
Spark Art Therapy logo


Spark School-Based Art Therapy began as small group art therapy programming  at Independence Charter School back in 2007. Since then it has grown to additional schools throughout the city of Philadelphia and a wider scope of service.


The mission is to provide high-quality, child-centered and supportive mental health services and special education support through Creative Arts Therapies to children who would not ordinarily be able to access services out of the school day. We believe in a coordinated effort to help children succeed, learn and grow in healthy and adaptive ways.


  • Mental health services through creative arts therapies

  • Creative arts therapies in special education

  • Art therapy groups for social engagement and learning, emotional awareness and classroom culture-building

  • In-service workshops and presentations

  • Parent workshops


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