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Expanded Speech/Language Services

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

At Parent to Child, there are several Speech/Language Pathologists that provide an array of services for both children and adults.

We offer the opportunity receive a thorough speech and language assessment which can include a classroom observation, a home observation and formal testing of your a child’s speech/language skills, depending on the concerns.

These skills include articulation/speech sound development, language skills (how a child understands and uses language to communicate), fluency (stuttering), pragmatic skills as well as feeding/swallowing. We also provide a variety of service delivery models. Children can participate in individual therapy or group at our facility, or individual therapy at school or at home, depending on the distance from center city. Therapy includes individualized plans based on an assessment done by Parent to Child, an outside assessment by another speech/language pathologist, or goals/plans set out in an Individualized Education Plan devised by a school district. We consistently work together with other providers your child might interact with including their teachers, babysitters/care providers and other therapists. We believe in a collaborative, interactive approach to speech and language therapy.

Our therapists also have experience with assessing and providing treatment for adults with speech/language disorders or those wishing to improve their speech/language skills.

We look forward to the opportunity to speak with you about tailoring a speech/language assessment or treatment plan for any member of the family or to answer questions regarding our scope of practice.

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