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Therapy Groups

Insightful Parenting Groups

Littles Group

Designed for parents of young children, this group will provide invaluable insights into child behavior and development while supporting parents in navigating their own parenting practices and assumptions in positive ways.

Middles Group

When tough behaviors persist, or children have different nervous system functioning or learning needs, we provide a forum for parents to consider how to parent in more effective ways. 

ADHD Group

Families with an ADHD child have unique needs around developing strategies for managing and supporting emotions, behaviors, and learning. We walk parents through the ways that this diagnosis leads to difficulty with regulation and impulse control while helping parents to create strong, supportive relationships.

Gender Identity Groups

The Rainbow Canvas

This group will support children who are questioning and exploring gender identity.


For kids ages 9–12.

Social and Emotional Groups

Art Therapy

Social Skills and Social Development

Art therapy offers a safe way to explore and express our inner worlds while also sharing something of ourselves with others. Children learn valuable social skills by making and sharing art, game play, and structured social reminders, scripts, and the “rules of the road”. 

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