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Our Team

Parent to Child is a team of Art Therapists and Professional Counselors. We hold Master’s Degrees in Creative Arts Therapy and professional counseling licenses (LPC). Our model is based on systems thinking-the idea that when we support an individual toward psychological and mental health, we are impacting a larger system. Likewise, we believe that in order to best support an individual we need to consider the context or system in which they live, work, and play. Our team of therapists have unique specialty areas from working with the youngest of children and families aged three and up, to working with teens, adults, and older adults. We are an affirming practice with several on our staff specifically focused on working with the LGBTQ community. We support mood and emotional needs (depression, anxiety, and stress), learning disabilities and neurodivergence, eating disorders after intensive care, postpartum stress, family relationship dynamics, separation and divorce, and grief and loss issues. In addition to individual therapy, we offer a variety group therapy services including social skills groups and teen support groups, parenting groups, and psycho-educational groups. We have ongoing and periodic group offerings. Visual art therapy is at the heart of what we do with the belief that images and creative processes help all of us to better understand and communicate our experiences, needs, and feelings and work toward greater cognitive awareness and integration. The role of visual communication and verbal communication is complex, and we honor both forms in our therapy practices. Art therapy works in conjunction with cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychodynamic and relational therapy, and family therapy while also building social and emotional skills, visual-motor skills, and interpersonal communication.

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