Who we are

Parent to Child and Therapy Associates is a unique therapy center devoted to individuals and families. The mission of the center is to support the psychological health and well being of individual adults, families with young children, adolescents, and new parents during times of transition.

We’ve moved!

We are now at 1226 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA

Individual therapy for adults is dynamically oriented and solution-focused to support solving immediate problems while delving into deeper emotional issues.

Services for parents encompass parent consultation, monthly gatherings, periodic classes and workshops, and postpartum therapy. Parent consultation is offered to support creating more effective strategies and understanding an individual child’s development. A plan is underway to schedule monthly gatherings for parents related to child development and parenting practices. Periodic classes and workshops will be offered to support parents in delving into a deeper understanding of their own parenting style and creating a family plan. Postpartum therapy is offered for mothers experiencing perinatal and postpartum depression or anxiety.

Play Therapy utilizes the natural language of childhood – play – as a way for children to express themselves and learn to cope with stressors. Child-centered Art Therapy supports young children and their families when problem behaviors and difficult emotional circumstances occur. Clubhouse Kids Social Skills program helps children with social cognitive deficits learn positive social engagement in a fun, safe, supportive environment. In addition to our Clubhouse Kids Social Skills groups that are ongoing and forming year-round, we offer  Clubhouse Friends Saturday Social Studios as a monthly opportunity for social support, art, music, play, and creativity.

Speech/Language Therapy is offered to support children and families struggling with a range of concerns regarding speech, language, and communication skills. Parent to Child is also currently sponsoring an It Takes Two to Talk® program, a family centered early intervention language program for parents and caregivers of young children with language delays. Enrollment to the program is occurring now on a rolling basis.

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